Our Story

After receiving an undergraduate degree in accounting and an M.B.A. in Finance, Jay Mudrick spent seven years in corporate financial analysis; evaluating capital investments, preparing budgets, and soliciting proposals for lease and loan financing.

He then joined one of the most prestigious leasing companies in the world and subsequently spent 29 years in a variety of roles encompassing pricing, corporate strategy, marketing, sales and sales management, along with senior leadership and transaction structuring and negotiation.

He’s now decided to “move to the client side,” as he sees no one out there offering private fleet users the support and assistance they need. He performs evaluations, makes recommendations, and helps companies execute on these decisions. As he always tell clients: “If you received an audit letter from the IRS, you’d immediately call your accounting firm. If you received an attorney’s letter regarding some commercial matter, you’d immediately call your lawyer. Shouldn’t you enter fleet evaluations and negotiations just as well prepared?”


The Guarantee

Our guarantee is that if we work together under a gain share agreement, and we can’t save you money, you pay nothing. That’s right, nothing – it’s plain, it’s simple, and it’s guaranteed.


Get in Touch

Jay is always available for a no obligation initial consultation and review. It’s done at your convenience in person, by phone, or via video conference. After spending some time together and gathering basic information, he’ll come back with a proposal to address your particular needs and concerns. This will include a Scope of Work that outlines exactly what you can expect from the finished work and a timeline for completion.


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